Book a Cambridge Massage


Come for an Aromatherapy Massage treatment at the
Salus Wellness Centre

I trained with one of the UK’s foremost aromatherapy and massage teaching schools giving me a deep understanding of both physical and psychological issues and how they can be treated.

Phone 07939273569, use the enquiry form, or email to arrange an appointment.

Treat your body to a luxury one and a half hour aromatic massage therapy treatment and Experience the joys of spring. Introductory one and a half hour treatment on Tuesday afternoons From only £45, One hour £40 Half hour £30.

Many people do not feel good most of the time. Our bodies were designed so that we can feel good, both physically and mentally. Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage can be part of helping us Achieve this.

Massage and aromatherapy can be particularly helpful in aiding concentration when studying and dealing with exam stress.

I bring bring thirty years experience in nursing both general and mental health to add to my aromatherapy and massage training.
I specialise in working with stress, anxiety and depression as well as with muscular aches and pains.

I work with the body-mind-spirit interface to treat problems in all three areas, recognising how they all affect each other.

I offer a non judgemental service and will not share any information you give me without your express permission.

For appointments  Phone 07939 273 569


Twitter @CambridgeAroma for  tweets about aromatherapy and other subjects close to my heart.

I practice at the Salus Wellness Centre, 47 Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD – Ideal if you want a break from shopping at the nearby Grafton Centre close to my old location in Mill Road.

Introductory first session one and a half hours, (Initial consultation and  massage) £55 Subsequent sessions one and a half hours. £55 One hour sessions £40 Half hour £30
Buy a treatment for a friend or loved one as a present for that special occasion.

For other therapists in Cambridge check out Cambridge Directory
You may also be interested in My Blog  which contains many posts to do with massage and aromatherapy and will give you more ideas about how I work.

4 responses to “Book a Cambridge Massage

  1. The massage was really revitalising…many thanks

  2. Dave has been passionate about aromatherapy massage for many years. He has treated me many times for the strains and sprains that go along with being a professional aerialist. His massage involves both his scientific knowledge and his holistic intuition. I always leave feeling much better!

  3. Colette Kilmister

    Hi, I saw your note on facebook. I do not live near enough for a massage but am willing to tell you my extensive EDS history.
    that being said I do use aromatherapy oils, however all my tendons are continually inflamed and massage does not help – firstly even gentle massage hurts and the following day I am even worse as the massage has further inflamed my tendons. This is not because someone has been rough it’s just because I am so bad, but I am sure this is not the same for everyone. if you want to discuss anything then that’s ok

    • Thanks Colette,
      that is really useful. treating without the massage is an option I use sometimes, usually if there is a reason the client can’t get to me like my close friend but I have also used it with a client who while she had been recommended to see my by a friend I had treated did not wish to undress in front of a man or woman for that matter – related to a horrendous history of abuse. She knows that if there comes a time when she is ready for massage that option is open for her. I know enough about my friend’s history with EDS that another detailed history unless I am treating someone is probably not needed but many thanks for the offer.

      It may be useful knowing which oils you found helpful and for which aspects of your EDS. I am very mindful that people with the same condition do not always respond to the same oil combinations but knowledge of what you have tried may well help me in thinking about which oils to use.

      Once again, many thanks for your response

      Best wishes


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