How long should a massage last?

For my massage and aromatherapy practice the answer is, “It depends.”

Mostly I do 90 minute appointments at my practice in Cambridge. This is enough to ensure the actual massage is a full hour even on the initial appointment and that for subsequent sessions it will be75 minutes or more.

I know that many practitioners have appointments of just one hour and I do these as part of promotions but find that by the time I have found out what the client wants from the appointment and they have got undressed, there is never quite enough time before I need to finish in order for them to get dressed before the end of the appointment time.

Were I working somewhere where I had two rooms and could leave the client to finish on their own perhaps I could do things differently but then the cost of rooms would be higher and unless I had two sets of essential oils I would need to carry these between rooms etc. etc.

So, I have settled on 90 minutes as a standard for a full body massage, I can do half hour appointments to work on a specific body area and occasionally do this and have when requested spent the whole of the massage time from an hours appointment working on the back. However this goes against the holistic way in which I like to practice, which is about treating the whole person rather than just the part of the body which has been identified as the main problem area.

Treating an isolated part of the body also does not address the fact that back pain may be caused by a problem in the legs or the other way around. The same applies to the relationship between the physical and psychological. People who are depressed feel more pain but those with chronic pain very often become depressed.