Massage and aromatherapy for sleep in Cambridge

At least a quarter of my clients have sleep problems, many but not all of them related to either depression or anxiety. And of course, stress.

Massage in itself can be used to help with all of these problems but, essential oils, chosen for the individual can make this a much more powerful and effective treatment. Vetiver is probably the most effective oil for anxiety and helping one to be grounded. However we are all individuals and if an oil has an unpleasant association for you I won’t use it as that would negate it’s therapeutic effect, more so when treating psychological conditions than physical.

One of the two chamomile essential oils or Blue Tansy are good for sleep and Frankincense is also good for this. If depression is involved I would add Bergamot. If also treating for a cough at the same time I might use Rosemary. If this is to be used by the client at night, I would make sure they use the linalol chemotype (The type of Rosemary essential oil I use most) rather than the camphor chemotype which is better for helping to clear the chest but more stimulating and likely to promote alertness rather than sleep.

There are many other oils that I might use depending on your particular needs, if pain is involved, then one of the lavenders is always worth adding to the blend.

However the most important thing is to address the cause of the sleep problems, so if anxiety is the major reason, sleep will improve if anxiety lessens. The same with depression etc. There is never a one size fits all solution in aromatherapy, however nice it would be if there was.