Aromatherapy for both the body and the mind.

Many therapists, doctors etc. in conventional medicine ignore the links between the psychological and the physical. In reality they are inextricably linked. Each affects the other. Depression is very common among those with chronic illness for example or to put it even more simply, if we feel good physically we are more likely to be happy.

In the same way our state of mind affects our physical state. If depressed, our digestion slows down, constipation is much more likely, sleep can be disturbed and exercise is much more difficult. We also become more aware of aches and pains we may not have noticed when feeling in a better state of mind.

Stress is another thing that affects our physical state. We are more likely to tense muscles, making headaches more common as well as digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

This is why, I like to always find out something about my client’s psychological state as well as any physical reasons for wanting a treatment. Some clients volunteer this information as part of their reason for coming but others need to have it coaxed out of them.

If someone is adamant that they don’t want to talk about psychological issues I don’t push it but may choose an oil that is relaxing or uplifting which I am always able to do while still choosing one that is appropriate for their physical condition.

Rosemary for example is an oil that can be uplifting as well as being stimulating and good for muscular pains. Bergamot is good for digestive problems as well as being one of the best oils for depression. Chamomile either German or Roman is an even more effective oil for dealing with IBS, constipation or flatulence while at the same time being relaxing and antispasmodic. (I used it recently with a client who had muscle spasm due to a stroke a year ago.)

By always attempting to find a combination of oils that addresses mind, body and spirit I know that I am going to be more effective as a practitioner.

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