Accessible Massage and Aromatherapy in Cambridge.

Recently, I came across a condition I knew about but had never seen. The client told me they had been the first case in 25 years or more at Addenbrookes Hospital. That was a spinal stroke which happens in much the same way as a stroke in the brain but will only affect parts of the body below the level where the stroke occurs.

This in itself did not pose a problem, I have given aromatherapy massage treatments to people who have had strokes before and I am sure will do again. What it did mean was that instead of using my usual upstairs room at the Salus Wellness Centre I had to use one of the two downstairs rooms as stairs would have been very difficult for this client. We used the larger of the two downstairs rooms which while not needed in this case is also wheelchair accessible.

When I worked above Arjuna seeing this client would not have been possible and many of the other natural health clinics/treatment rooms in Cambridge also only have access via stairs.

This was one of the things that attracted me to work at the Salus.

To book an Aromatherapy Massage Treatment please use the booking form and state if you will need wheelchair access or a downstairs room.