Massage without words

Cambridge, being an international city with visitors from many parts of the world means that from time to time I get a client who does not speak any English. Today was one of those  times.

She came with a friend who also had an Aromatherapy Massage Treatment, and for the purposes of finding out what she wanted from the treatment and getting a fortunately very brief medical history to ensure there were no contra-indications, her friend was able to translate from Spanish, my limited grasp of which is enough for some social conversation but I have no specialist knowledge of Spanish pertaining to Aromatherapy or Massage.

I was able to understand enough to know if more or less pressure were wanted. (I always instruct clients to tell me if they want more or less pressure.)

As it was she didn’t say anything during the treatment, and fell asleep during part of it.

What it did do is make me much more aware of her body’s responses to what I was doing in terms of tension/relaxation of muscles, changes in skin colour and breathing rate. These are all things that I will try and pay more attention to in future even with clients who are able to talk to me.