Massage and Aromatherapy for all ages in Cambridge.

Massage is something that can benefit people of all ages. In the Caribbean mothers routinely massage their babies with coconut oil. There are studies showing that it can help those of senior years too and help those with dementia to be less agitated.

It can also help with conditions such as ADHD.

Much of my early experience doing massage was with adolescents, (16-21 year olds) in an in patient mental health unit. I will only see those under 16 if a parent or trusted adult with legal responsibility is present. When working with the young adults as a psychiatric nurse, I always had a chaperone present.

I was reminded of that time this week when I saw an 18 and a 19 year old. Two friends who had back to back sessions. I particularly enjoyed working with people of this age group where they did not have a psychiatric history or the trauma of abuse to deal with.

Whatever your age you can book an Aromatherapy Massage Treatment here.