Coincidence or something more?

I recently wrote about how Cancer is no barrier to massage and indeed it can be helpful, not just in dealing with pain and symptoms from treatment but also in dealing with the psychological impacts of both of these.

Interestingly, since writing that piece I have worked with three more people who have had to deal with cancer, one having had a lumpectomy, one an orchidectomy and a second person who has had a double mastectomy.

I would say that two out of the four came to me more for psychological reasons and two more for  physical but as the two are so closely bound up together, I always feel that they are linked.

Is this coincidence? In my mind it probably is but I am sure that if it happened to some other practitioners they would view it differently. For me it is an opportunity to learn more from my clients as well as stimulating me to do some more reading so as to best help my clients. The important thing is to listen to each client as an individual and to respond to their differing needs and not to assume that two people with the same diagnosis will need or want the same treatment.