Come in from the cold!

As I write this the temperature is -2C outside. We are all different and I actually really like the cold weather and not just because I think it helps my bees who paradoxically consume less of their stored honey as they are less active and don’t fly at all when it is this cold.

Many others I know from talking to both clients and friends long for warmer days. What better way then to get a break from the cold by coming for an aromatherapy massage.

I can guarantee that the room will be warmed up before you get there and for those who get more aches and pains in the cold it is a chance to get some relief from that too.

Those who get depressed during the winter can also get help from oils like bergamot which is one of the best oils for depression there is.

The Salus Centre where I work is very close to the Grafton Centre so if you are shopping, it is a good chance to take the weight off your feet for a while.

To book, email me or use the enquiry form which will allow you to fill in some of the information I require in advance leaving more of your appointment time for massage!