A third person in the room.

Yesterday, a client brought her daughter with her to the appointment. A well informed daughter as it happened who confirmed that Peppermint oil is thought by many homoeopaths to stop their remedies from working. I haven’t worked at all with homoeopathic remedies but did remember this.

What was it like having an, (approximately 12 year old) third person in the room? Well I had wondered what it would be like. In practice, she read most of the time, sometimes sitting on a chair, sometimes the floor.

I remember thinking at one point, “What a nice way to introduce a young person to the idea that massage is a normal thing.” Perhaps she will grow up to be someone who enjoys massage and doesn’t think of it as either a luxury or something a bit yucky?

And the bottom line is, that if you have a child who won’t get in the way of the treatment, it is not a problem for them to be present, or indeed an adult if you would like them to be present.

Under 16’s I will only see with a responsible adult present.

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