Anxiety management in Cambridge

I get a number of clients who want help managing anxiety. At least two or three a month.

The first thing I always say to them is that anxiety serves a purpose. Without it, most of us would have been killed crossing the road though it’s evolutionary routes go back far further than that! Just as with clients when I worked in psychiatry, there is more often than not a root to the origin of that anxiety.

Many who have grown up with domestic violence suffer from this complaint. I point out to them that actually without their anxiety they might not be alive now. Their anxiety served a purpose. What they need to do is find a way of lowering their background anxiety but still be able to react appropriately when needed.

To this end, I use oils like Vetiver, Benzoin, Chamomile (both German and Roman), Ginger, Frankincense and Rosemary among others. All oils good either for helping us to stay calm or feel more confident.

Unlike tranquillisers such as the benzodiazipine group of drugs these oils will not affect our ability to react in an emergency, indeed they may help by allowing us to feel more alert or to react in a calmer but still swift way.

If you would like an Aromatherapy Massage session to help with anxiety go to the enquiry form here.