Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Real (another visit to this topic)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is real and needs a new name a panel from the institute of Medicine has said. CF has at times had a bad name in the past, being labelled, “Yuppie flu” among other things. It has also been said that it is, “all in the mind.”

Any physical complaint that has a psychological component runs this risk. The panel would like to see it renamed, “Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.” Largely to try and get away from the stigma attached to it. My personal opinion is that better education is the key rather than another name change.

What everyone needs to know/remember is that just because there is a psychological component to it does not mean the pain is not real! This is also true of psychosomatic pain, a term sometimes really meaning that the doctors just don’t understand the cause of it.

Sadly as discussed in this post and the comments following it, there is not any (very) effective evidence based treatment for CF. (If there were, it is likely we would know about it and it would be in widespread use!)

Another widespread misconception is that it is just a form of depression. While  not true, it is a condition that can often lead to depression.

Massage and Aromatherapy can help but are not a complete answer. Over vigorous massage can leave the patient feeling even more exhausted. A point I have made before about other conditions is that the therapist should listen to the patient/client who will be the expert in their condition. No two patients will experience CF in exactly the same way.

With this in mind, while I would certainly think about using oils such as Bergamot which is good for depression, Ginger and Rosemary as warming energising oils and possibly Neroli or Rose as nurturing oils, I would not make a decision until after hearing from the client about their preferences and any associations they might have with the oils.

In my experience, these oils and relatively gentle massage can help a lot with Chronic Fatigue syndrome they are not a cure and if I hear of claims that aromatherapy can cure such conditions I will contest those claims. What I do believe strongly is that Aromatherapy can be part of a package to help those with this condition to manage their lives in a less painful way and possibly shorten the duration of the illness in some cases.

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