Choosing essential oils.

During a recent promotion I have had a number of clients who have never had aromatherapy before and a few who have never had massage before.

I always ask clients about scents they enjoy or dislike. Many people use oils burners in their homes even though they have never seen an aromatherapist. I believe in the theory that we are attracted to the oils and indeed foods that our body needs. While the latter has been much interfered with due to industrial pressures and junk food, those who eat more simply and concentrate on good wholesome food still find it works for them just as it does for cows in a natural herb rich pasture.

They can be seen seeking out different fodder when they are pregnant or have suckling calves etc.

So with the client who is naive to essential oils I always let them smell several before choosing what to put in the blend. Sometimes I am able to predict what they will choose and sometimes it will be a complete surprise to me.

I like this as predictablility would make the job a lot less interesting!