Why do I ask so many questions before I start a massage.

I was recently asked this by a client during a session. The short answer is that it helps me to choose the most appropriate essential oils. As it was only a one hour session, I didn’t go into other reasons such as making sure there are no contraindications to massage or some of the essential oils in particular.

I also see it as part of building up a holistic picture of my client, one in which they are not just a body to have a procedure carried out on. The more I know about my clients the better I am able to meet their needs.

It is not just about being nosy though having spent many years as a psychiatric nurse I would say that some professions like that attract people who are nosy by nature. Wanting to know as much as possible about a client or patient and what makes them tick is part of the job and if wanting to do a good job makes one nosy so be it.

However I know some practitioners ask the bare minimum to ensure safety. Does this make them bad practitioners? Not necessarily but it is a very different way of working from the path I have chosen. A practitioner in pain management for instance may not need to know all that I ask. I can’t be sure as I haven’t specialised in that field.

A client I saw today illustrated this very well. She had answered negatively in response to a general question about medical conditions. However when asked about digestion she told me that, yes she did have some IBS symptoms, especially when stressed. She went on to say that she wouldn’t have thought of mentioning it had I not asked specifically about digestion.

I find that this is very common. Despite the client being an expert on themselves (after all they have known themselves for x years) they are not experts in massage or aromatherapy and don’t know what is relevant and what is not.

Asking specific questions about health and emotional well being often elicits information that would not have been forthcoming without the questions being asked and more often than not, that information is helpful in choosing the best essential oils and massage treatment for the individual.

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