Moving to a new clinic.

Last year, I moved from one clinic to another as the one above Arjuna Wholefoods was being closed as they wished to use the space for something else.

As soon as I knew this to be the case I started casting around for somewhere else to move to. While there was a certain synergy in practising in the same premises as an wholefood shop, it had a disadvantage in that the two clinic rooms were on the third floor.

I looked at several potential clinics to work in before settling on the Salus Wellness Centre which has a total of five rooms with massage tables in plus another three rooms for talking therapies.

Things that attracted me to the Salus are, it has two ground floor treatment rooms, one of which is wheelchair accessible, an efficient central heating system that can get the rooms up to temperature in a few minutes without having to have them wasting energy when not in use, all the treatment rooms have adjustable height tables and there is a reception area which is staffed during 9-5 hours.

There are also many other therapists – over 50 of them! Some only using the rooms on an ad-hoc basis, others taking one or more morning, afternoon or evening slots. I still haven’t met all of the other therapists but there is a lot of potential for cross referral should any of us have a client who needs something we can not offer ourselves.

Yet another bonus is monthly meetings where Massimo, the clinic owner gives of his experience and expertise in marketing. – The part of the business most practitioners hate!

These meetings as well as a meetup group Massimo runs on broadly similar topics for me serve as motivation to actually do some of the marketing tasks I know I should be doing if I want to increase my client base and reach more people who want massage or aromatherapy in Cambridge. While some of the meetings do give me new ideas to try out, I think it is the motivation the group provides makes a bigger difference.

I also really enjoy having other practitioners around. When at Arjuna, there were only two clinic rooms and most of us tended to use the same one meaning that  we didn’t see each other very often at the clinic. Now, I nearly always see one of the receptionists who are also practitioners and except when I see clients on the Tuesday morning, I nearly always see at least two other practitioners when I come in.

Possible downsides? I worry that sometimes there may not be a room available when I want one but it hasn’t happened yet, though with an increasing number of practitioners it may yet happen. If it does happen regularly, I will have to become more flexible about when I am prepared to see clients.

If you want to book a session with me at the Salus, go to my home page for details.