A tale of two oils.

As a carrier oil, I mostly use coconut and because i have had clients express very strong preferences both ways, I have two different sorts.

One is a raw oil, completely unrefined and, (here I show where my bias lies) a wonderful coconut smell. The other, still organic is deodorised. Feels the same to me on my hands when I am using it but my natural instinct is to use products as unrefined as possible. (With nut oils as opposed to coconut which is a palm oil this does make allergic reactions slightly more likely in theory at least.)

This was illustrated with two massages the other day – the two were with partners, the man going first stated when offered the choice that he didn’t want to go around smelling like coconut all day.

Just over an hour later his partner was really enthusiastic about being able to smell of coconut. Not sure if women are more likely to choose the raw product as my sample size still isn’t large enough. About 80% of my clients are women which I think is about usual for aromatherapy practitioners.

I have looked but there doesn’t seem to be any research on whether the raw oil is better therapeutically than the deodorised one so my personal beliefs/prejudice about this will have to remain just that until someone does the research.