Review of clients.

Random musings about my practice!

Every so often I look through my notes to see what issues clients have come to me with over the past month or so.

Often what I see will be coincidence, like seeing two clients who had each had double mastectomies with only a few days between the appointments with me.

Longer term trends seem to be that between a quarter to a third of my clients are taking antidepressants, though sometimes this is for sleep disorders.

Even more common is stress. PHD students here in Cambridge, tell me that typically they might be sitting in front of a computer for ten hours a day. (Why I don’t have a PHD!) I advise all my clients who come with either stress issues or back and shoulder problems related to computers to take five minutes out every hour and do some stretching.

When I worked with adolescents at an in=patient mental health unit, body image was not surprisingly a big issue and massage was often a big part of helping young people to be more accepting of their unique body shape, whatever it was. This seems to be much less of an issue in my practice these days, possibly because the people who will book in to see a stranger for massage are more likely to be those with a greater degree of ease about their own bodies though my experience tells me that many people fall into two distinct camps. Those that would only see someone that they already know and trust for massage in one camp and the other would only see a complete stranger!

There is in my perception a much smaller group who would be happy to see either.

I also see a number of people I would describe as athletes, varying from rowers to marathon runners and a couple of gymnasts. It is the last group I feel most affinity with and when one gymnast came in to see me I was able to identify her discipline just by looking at her body shape! You can see why I have this affinity here.