What happens when I come for an apointment.

Some clients are not comfortable with a male therapist. That is a fact of life that as one I have to live with. What I can do is make sure that all clients know what to expect when they come in to the massage room so they can make an informed choice about whether to have an appointment with me or not.

With this in mind I will set out what happens at an appointment.

On entering the room, a new client is asked to take a seat for the consultation. During this time I will ascertain what they want to get out of the appointment. I will also take a short medical history as well as asking about emotional life. On this the client does not have to share anything they would rather not. I then with the client choose the essential oils I will use for the massage.

I will then give them the larger of the two towels I use and ask them to strip down to just underpants/knickers and lie face down on the table and cover themselves with the towel. I leave the second towel on the radiator to keep it warm to cover their back after I have finished working on that area. I ask them to let me know when they are ready for me to come back in. At this point I will leave the room.

When I come back in, I will raise the massage table to working height and arrange the towel so that just their back is uncovered. After massing the back, I will cover it with the warm towel and start work on the legs, uncovering only the leg I am working on at the time.

I will then ask them to turn over. For this I hold the towels so they can do this without my being able to see anything except their legs. I then replace the towels and work on the fronts of the legs again only uncovering the one I am working on at the time.

I will then uncover the abdomen, (unless the client wishes me not to work on this area.) After massaging the abdomen I will cover it with the towels again and work on each arm in turn.

I then work on the neck and shoulders and finally the face and neck.

I give the client a few minutes to rest before lowering the table again and telling them that I am leaving the room to allow them to get changed and again to let me know when they are ready.

Either then or before I leave the room we will discuss anything the client wants to about the massage. Finally if the client wishes another appointment that will be arranged.

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