Working with the mind body interface.

The links between the mind and the body are by no means all understood yet. However they are being recognised far more than they used to be. You just have to look at how many top sports men and women have psychologists working with them as well as more traditional trainers and coaches.

There are also many illnesses where stress is recognised as a major factor. For example, I see many clients who say they have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and every one of them says this is worse when they feel stressed.

As an aromatherapist and massage therapist, I would say that over half of my clients come identifying stress as one of the reasons they come to me. My sense is that some of those who do not identify this in their own mind as a reason for seeing me still have this as an issue.

Aromatherapy combined with therapeutic massage is ideally placed to treat both physical problems and psychological issues relating to them. There are few people who could not identify a smell that they have an emotional reaction to. I have met a number of people don’t like lavender because it reminds them of an elderly relative, often when they have been ill towards the end of their life.

Most find the clean citrus aromas of lemon or bergamot uplifting. Frankincense is calming and aids meditative states and has been used for such for thousands of years in Temples pre-dating it’s use in Christian churches and cathedrals. However, if a client has an unpleasant memory such as abuse associated with this or any other aroma, then it is better to avoid  the oil and chose another which will fulfil the same function.

Aromatherapists are fortunate in that there will always be a range of oils to treat any condition just as all oils have a wide sphere of action. The citrus oils for example as well as being good for depression are also aid digestion. Most oils are antibacterial and antiviral. A lot have antifungal properties.

Massage is also good for treating both the physical and the psychological and along with stress, I would also say that here in Cambridge over half of my clients complain of neck and shoulder tension from the amount of time they spend sitting at a computer.

As well as doing the massage I often teach some simple stretches that if carried out ever hour will help to alleviate this.

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