Easter Monday.

Today I will be working on the allotment. Planting potatoes and onion sets. Just briefly taking time out to answer a couple of emails and texts to do with massage and aromatherapy.

With luck, this afternoon it will be warm enough to look in side one or two of the bee hives and see how they have come through the winter.

As I have said before, these activities are inextricably linked to my aromatherapy practice in that many essential oils and carrier oils are dependent on bees and growing a wide variety of plants helps to ensure that the bees remain healthy.

I also find the life of a colony of bees fascinating. Sitting in front of a hive, watching the bees entering and leaving, some with different coloured pollen on their back legs makes for much better viewing than television and if it is too cold to sit and watch them they won’t be flying anyway so I then have to find some other work to do!