Technology and massage/aromatherapy.

When it comes to massage, the most high tech piece of kit I use is a table with hydraulics to adjust the hight, either through pedals or a press of a button.

With the production of essential oils, there is a lot of expensive kit involved but I only read about it on essential oils producers and sellers’ websites. Yes gas chromatography is important in ensuring high quality oils and preventing fraud but more important than that is finding a supplier I can trust. The fact that they send samples of their oils to independent laboratories for this work is also important as it demonstrates openness.

My only real contact with high tech equipment is through computers and phones to manage my diary and to write things like this. I use all open source software, partly out of principle and partly because for my purposes I think it is better to spend my money on other things. I also believe that it gives me greater security. (I have yet to meet someone who has suffered from a virus on a computer running linux whereas I know several who have experienced this using windows and a few on Apple computers.

There are machines out there which would enable me to distil my own oils from herbs I grow. One day if I can afford one I may go down this route but that is not an immediate proposition.

And now, I must set off for work and using my hands which is about as low tech as you can get!