Other practitioners: Competition or a networking opportunity to gain new clients?

Working as a complementary practitioner inevitably means meeting a lot of other practitioners both in the same discipline as yourself and also in others.

Given that there are so many practitioners chasing a limited number of clients it would be easy to slip into feeling paranoid about this and see others as competition rather than colleagues. This would be a big mistake. While clearly there is not going to be an infinite market out there every practitioner sees people from time to time who are not ideally suited to them or their way of working. In my case, some women are not comfortable being seen by a man for massage and however much I might wish that attitudes were different, this is I think unlikely to change significantly in my lifetime.

Some clients who come to a practitioner for counselling night benefit from body work of different types etc.

With this in mind I feel that not only should fellow practitioners be seen as a resource and source of support but also by working together it is possible to increase the market. I have seen a number of clients for whom it has been their first ever massage. There are many more people out there who have never been to see a complementary practitioner of any kind.

Reaching this market and helping them to take positive action on their health can reduce the number of visits to doctors needed and save the health service a lot of money. (I would like to see complementary medicine accessible through the NHS but that is another topic!)

Sometimes, when you meet another practitioner, you just know that they are someone you could trust. As noted above, that does not mean that they will be the right therapist for everyone but Mila whom I met yesterday was one of those people. She does Reiki, Counselling and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.) If counselling is what you are looking for I would have no hesitation in recommending her.