The girls are getting busy.

Yesterday, I had my first look inside any of my hives this year. All very busy and as the bees were busy collecting pollen and nectar they weren’t too bothered about me or Julia as we looked inside our hives together. In fact so unbothered were they that we could probably have done the job without getting into fancy dress which would have been much more comfortable as it was quite warm in the afternoon sunshine.

I look forward to seeing how much honey and wax they are going to give me as rent for providing them with homes. I did note that being a good landlord I am going to have to carry out some repairs on one of the hives, though I don’t think the bees are really that worried about having an extra entrance to and from the hive!

The wax I harvest will go towards making hand cream and also some beeswax polish.

I see it as important to keep my connection with nature in-between doing massage and aromatherapy.