Making sense of statistics.

Like many complementary health practitioners I look at my site stats from time to time.  The primary reason for having my site is to attract clients however there are many secondary purposes such as education and community building.

Some days 75% or more of view to my site are not from UK which means they are unlikely to contribute much towards the primary purpose of my site. However if people read my posts to do with essential oil safety or how oils can help with particular conditions I see this as a positive thing. Other days the same percentage of views are from UK.

I try and spot the patterns in this, but often nothing is easily discernible. If I could see more of a pattern it would enable me to target my posts but just like the numbers in general there is a lot of randomness around. One day might get only two views and the next thirty or more but the days of the week on which these figures occur might be reversed the following week!

This assumes that googlestats does not consist of someone making the numbers up in a big game! The real test is in how many people contact me to make appointments as a result of looking at my site. Again this seems to have a great deal of randomness about it. Marketing, “gurus” say that someone needs to see your name seven times on average before they make the step to contact you. This means that many who come to see me may also have seen a leaflet, talked to someone who has been satisfied etc.

If you do wish to make an appointment look further at my site or contact me on You will also see that I make a handcream/skin balm using organic olive oil and beeswax from my own bees.