Core stability Myth or Fact?

I was recently pointed to this article entitled, “The Myth of Core Stability” by a post on linkedin. I was a little taken aback as throughout my circus hobbyist days core stability had been emphasised as a key part of just about every discipline with the possible exceptions of juggling and clowning.

I see many people as a massage practitioner who have back pain and with few exceptions  I see lack of core stability as a factor in their back pain. Poor posture/ergonomics at work are the other major factors. The article places much emphasis on core stability training concentrating on the transverses abdominis muscle. No source is given for this and I can say it is not my experience indeed the core stability training I experienced emphasised that all of the trunk muscles needed to be developed.

While hardly an objective stance, reading the article and my beliefs that it was important led me to look for responses to the article and this was the first one I found. It points out many of the flaws in the argument.

The one I would point out is that I was being taught about core stability long before the author of the paper said it was around.