Massage for rehabilitation.

This week I saw a client who had torn his anteria cruxiate ligament in a car crash. I can sympathise because I have torn the same ligament in my left knee though pursuing a somewhat different activity!

After his knee buckled under him he put his hand out when he fell and also fractured two bones in his wrist, something I have not done! This prompted him to have surgery on his knee which is something I have toyed with and would probably have had done if I wanted to go back to catching for flying trapeze!

The client as well as getting some pain in the relevant limbs also had back problems due to sleeping in awkward positions as a result of his injuries.

I used a combination of oils for both relaxation, increasing blood flow to the muscles in the area and tissue healing. Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Rosemary were three of the oils used.

As usual I did a full body massage but I spent more time on the affected limbs and the back. With this type of injury, regular massage can be very useful in aiding recovery. I also suggested some stretching of the ham strings which were very tight. The client had been very active playing both football and basketball prior to the accident but like many had not really done enough stretching to balance out the muscle building work he had done.

I am looking forward to hearing from him again and finding out how he is doing. I know at least another eight or ten people who have had this injury, some of them gained it in the same way I did myself! Most but not all have had repairs done. One was back in action performing after three months but that was with around two – three hours of physio daily! Unless covered by specialist insurance which performers often have few are likely to be able to afford this and outside of those with the motivation to perform the will to go through such an intensive programme!