Looking after myself.

As a therapist, my job is about looking after other people. However in order to do that it is important for any therapist to look after themselves. If I damage my hands for instance I will not be able to do massage or at least not in the way I do it at present.

This takes me back to a previous post about mindfulness. When shifting heavy pieces of wood, working on the allotment, helping people who are moving house etc. I need to be mindful in my actions as it is all too easy to get a minor strain in a wrist or hand that makes giving massage painful. Of course there are times when I use my elbows and forearms rather than my hands in order to be able to give more pressure for a particular purpose. This stops me overusing my hands which I have read can be a problem for some practitioners.

I also have to take care of my back. This means being mindful and using good technique when lifting but also ensuring the table is at the right height when working with a client etc.

Another reason for doing these things is that unless I practice these things myself I can not be authentic when giving clients advice about them. My experience of training in various circus disciplines has taught me a lot about my own body, how it responds to injuries as well as how to look after it. This all goes into the melting pot which helps me to be able to think with a client about what is going to help them the most as well as what to avoid.