Spring is here!

Looking outside I can see cherry trees in blossom, quince coming into bud andif I go up to the allotment lots of bees. I will take some time out today to sit in the apiary doing air traffic control duty!

Then of course there is the ultimate sign that spring is in the air: The sound of the chimes of the ice cream van and children running to their parents demanding/requesting depending on the household that they are bought one.

I don’t eat much ice cream these days and when I do it is often home made using honey from my bees, blackcurrants or other fruit from the allotment and sometimes vanilla some friends brought back from Madagascar on a work trip. (Yes I do sometimes think I spent many years in the wrong job!)

The allotment for many means digging and exercise for muscles that haven’t been used much since last year. While most of the time nothing more will come of this than the slight ache from overuse some people will end up pulling muscles and as the fight is on to get everything planted before it is too late some people will pull muscles or put their backs out.

To avoid this here are some simple rules.

1: Lifting of heavy weights should be done with the legs not the back. If you keep your back straight the chances of injury are minimised.

2: If it is too heavy to lift on your own, don’t try but get help.

3: Make sure your muscles are warmed up before you start.

4: Stretch afterwards.

5: Vary your activity. Intersperse digging with weeding or hoeing.

And while I won’t make it a rule, an aromatherapy massage is the ideal way to get rid of those little aches and pains that niggle when you have done too much!