Every so often I buy an oil that is new to me. Vanilla is one such. The oil is said to be calming and sensual. some websites I looked at also said it was antidepressant. Some studies showed that it could promote both sexual arousal and sleep.

This site, mentions a 1762 German study – which found that medication based on vanilla extract cured impotence in all 342 human subjects. The author was unable to track down the original study however. While I struggle to believe that this result is from a well constructed research study, I do believe that this oil could be useful for those who struggle with intimacy. With a predominance of base notes in it’s aroma I would also use it for those who need help in staying grounded.

Extraction is done using CO2 these days rather than the older process of organic (in the chemical  rather than the agricultural sense) solvents which would leave a residue of the solvent used in the end product.

While not mentioned in what I have read, the oil needs warming slightly in order to melt it before it will drop from the bottle, though not nearly as much as benzoin oil does.

As a spice, it has been described as the world’s most labour intensive crop and is second only to saffron in price.

As with all oils, some people do not like it and based on my limited experience (two clients)with it, those who don’t like it also don’t like Jasmine!
I hope to be able to say more about this oil when I have been using it a little longer.