The larger client.

I have often thought that some  I see less than 5 foot tall and slim get much better value for money in massage as they get far more work done per unit area of skin. I know that I have to be mindful of the size of my client when working so as to pace myself to finish the appointment in an hour or an hour and a half whichever I am doing.

When I say the larger client, I am not necessarily talking about the clinically obese or even overweight in some cases. I have seen a couple of clients who are over 6foot tall and packing a lot of muscle. With both these and the very overweight, I can not do a full body massage in an hour and give the same attention to each area of the body that I do with the much smaller client. This leaves me with a dilemma as whatever the size of the client it is still an hour or an hour and a half of my time, and with the larger client, it is likely to be harder physical work for me!

This means I need to choose what to miss out. This will not be the same for each client. Sometimes it is massaging the meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine. With others it may be the very light strokes I often use to finish off the back. I will always work with the client in making these choices and ask before I start what the priority areas of work are for them.

I will with this in mind always encourage larger clients to come for the longer appointments. (These are what I do most of whatever the client’s size.) I will also check whether the client is interested in getting help with weight reduction if appropriate. (Clearly the tall person with lots of muscle isn’t going to be interested in this!) I can use my experience from nursing to work with this or I may suggest they see a dietician through their General Practitioner of suggest another practitioner I know who deals with weight loss issues.

When it comes to choosing oils, I would in general be looking at  choosing energising oils such as Rosemary, Lemon and Pine for instance but the choice will always be based on the full history the client has given me and not chosen solely for weight loss either through their physical effect or the psychological issues involved. (Choosing oils for the latter is in my experience most effective.)

Whatever your size, an aromatherapy massage will be tailored to your individual needs on the day that you come.