Weight loss, body image and essential oils.

Hot on the heals of my having posted about larger clients, both through muscular development and obesity I was shocked this morning by hearing of the death of a young woman who had bought, “slimming tablets” over the internet. I also felt anger, both at those supplying the tablets and at the media who routinely photoshop images leading many to feel their body is not good enough.

Let me start by saying that essential oils and massage are not going to cure obesity. What I feel they can do combined with massage is to help deal with the psychological problems that lead to both obesity and paradoxically anorexia.

During my time working at Northgate Clinic, a therapeutic community adolescent unit for 16-21 year old patients in the NHS, They paid for 1/3 of my training in massage and aromatherapy and there were certainly some of the young people there for whom massage and aromatherapy were an important part of learning that touch can be a good thing and also learning to feel OK about their bodies.

Obesity, just like anorexia is often a serious mental health issue which needs addressing. It can also be a medical issue and I will check this out with clients rather than make assumptions. Just as with the anorexic client it is important for me to be able to talk about body weight without making judgements.

When a client comes to me for an aromatherapy massage, it is an opportunity for them to show their body some love in a non-sexual way which is part of supporting a healthy life style. I will work with the client and their body the way they are and listen to what changes they want to make and as long as these are not harmful to them I will offer support in making these changes.

Both obesity and anorexia can be associated with depression as well as an unrealistic image of the sufferer’s body. In this case, I will most likely use bergamot essential oil. Another oil I might use is the comforting vanilla which is a recent addition to my collection.

If you live in or near Cambridge and want to learn more about how aromatherapy massage can help with these or other issues use the enquiry form. I will listen to your concerns, accepting you for who you are and the treatment you get will be individually tailored to your needs.