What happens when I see clients I know personally?

Because Cambridge is a small place, from time to time I get clients I know from other parts of my life. As well as this, sometimes friends come to me for massage and aromatherapy treatments.

The short answer is that exactly the same happens as with any other client. Except…. With friends, I have a different knowledge about them than the one I get through a consultation. Also some will inevitably talk about things we have in common during the treatment.  This doesn’t cause a problem and the extra knowledge I have about friends may give me a deeper insight into which oils are likely to help them on either a psychological or physical level.

The thing I potentially need to be careful about is that sometimes friends have talked about things in the session that they would not talk about with our mutual friends. I then need to remember that this information is for in session time only. Other friends talk about everything covered in sessions in more public settings so it isn’t a problem.

To date I haven’t found this a problem but there have been times when something said in a public setting has reminded me of what a friend has said in a consultation and something clicks and makes a bit more sense but because of my duty of confidentiality I have had to keep quiet rather than say anything.

The other thing I do to maintain confidentiality is when I write about anything to do with clients on here I change details so as to make it impossible to identify the client or for the client to identify themselves even. Sometimes this takes a little ingenuity if it is to be done in a way that doesn’t alter the point of what I wish to get across.

Sometimes, this is as simple as changing the time of when I saw a client by a few months or years. Other times I may change their gender or age. I don’t put names of clients  on my blog posts so I don’t need to change these. Age is another thing that sometimes  gets changed. And sometimes, I will write about a topic in abstract without referring to a specific client.

The other thing I have sometimes done is printed out what I wish to write if I think it will help others and run it past the client first.