Favourite blends of oils.

Everyone who works with essential oils has their own favourite oils and blends.

My standard handcream mix contains one of mine

6drops Frankincense                                                                                                              3 drops Geranium                                                                                                                    4drops Sea Buckthorn

to a 60 ml pot of my beeswax and organic olive oil mixture.

Another mix I use is 8 drops Bergamot, 4 drops Rosemary and4 drops Sweet Orange. The first is an ideal blend for calmness while the second is a great pick me up for use while studying as Rosemary has been proven to aid memory recall. Both the Rosemary and the Bergamot are energising oils. One word of caution do not use bergamot and then go out into strong sunlight. Because it along with most of the other citrus oils and sweet basil  cause photo-sensitivity. I always advise clients to leave 8 hours between having these oils and going out in the sun or indeed using a sun bed though I advise against this anyway!

It is also interesting to hear what a client’s favourite oil is and then see if they are in tune with their body’s needs and have chosen something that they need.