Boundaries and other things.

Today I was directed by linkedin to this post. It made a lot of sense to me and is something that I am sure many self employed people experience, not just those working as complementary health practitioners.

What is more difficult is deciding when to make exceptions. I recently did charge someone a cancellation fee as I had prepared the room, wasted an hour of my time etc. The client was fine about it but it is still difficult for me to feel completely comfortable doing this but that is my issue to work on!

I recently covered some other boundary issues to do with seeing friends as clients. If I was doing counselling or still working as a psychiatric nurse I wouldn’t do this but as an aromatherapist I do and of course, the counselling skills and techniques I have learned over the years don’t go out of the window just because I am seeing a friend or giving a massage!

There may come a time when I do have to say to a friend especially if they talk about the same thing when a client that they have talked about socially with others apart from myself present that I need to know what they are comfortable with me sharing with the rest of our friends if the topic comes up. It hasn’t happened yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does some day.

In lots of ways, I like working with people I know as I will often know far more about them than I could learn in a half hour consultation and this will influence my choice of oils etc.  In the same way, I really enjoy having clients who come back as again I can work in more depth, learning more on each occasion and refining the treatment without having to spend so much time doing paperwork!

And by coincidence, I know both clients so far booked in today have knee issues. One will know more by the time I see her and the other has had a repair for a torn anterior Cruxiate ligament, an injury I have had but have so far managed without surgery!