Between Massage Sessions?

From time to time, I am asked by clients what they should do between sessions to maintain the benefits of the session.

My answer to this question will vary a lot according to the reason they have come to see me. If back pain is an issue, I might suggest some core stability work either on their own if they know enough to do the exercises properly without supervision or attending a Pilates class if not.

Others, it might be as simple as using one or more of the essential oils in a burner or vaporiser a minimum of a couple of times a week or putting a couple of drops of an essential oil on their pillow before going to bed. Roman Chamomile, lavender and Geranium are all oils that can help with sleep.

Another thing I might suggest is some gentle stretching exercises. There are some for the shoulders I often teach clients who spend long hours in front of a computer screen. (Very common here in Cambridge!) On the subject of stretching, a ballet teacher once told me that anyone can do the splits in 18 months if they spend half an hour stretching the legs every day. (I have yet to put this to the test!)

From time to time, I get a client who could really benefit from the essential oils applied to the skin on a more frequent basis. On these occasions I can make up a jar of my skin balm with the same essential oils used for the massage. This can then by applied by the client or a friend or partner if a difficult area to reach. A 60 ml jar will last several months if only being used on a small area of skin.

I use the skin balm on my hands, both before and after working on the allotment.