Today I will be working with others of the Cambridge Cropshare gang at Willow Farm in Lode. For a morning or afternoon divided by a shared lunch we get to take home some organic produce and enjoy each other’s company. Today, jobs range from planting a couple of apple tree seedlings, (about three or four years old) in the wood. If they produce good apples they stay, otherwise they become part of the firewood collection. Planting beans and other stuff, finishing the work on reskinning one of the poly tunnels. And a few other bits and bobs that I can’t remember. And of course I get to see how active the bees I brought there in a bike trailer two years ago are doing!

This year with luck there will be at least two other colonies there so the ones already busy being traitors and pollinating neighbouring farmers’ non-organic oils seed rape won’t be lonely any more! More to come after the day is done!