#CambridgeCropshare part 2

So with a fresh loaf of bread I baked the previous night I and three others arrived at the farm. Even though it is the start of may we were on Father Christmas Duty. (Hoe Hoe Hoe.) IMG_0012 IMG_0013The before and after showing how weedy some of the broad beans were.

After the shared meal where as usual, I ate rather too much even for a day when I cycled over 20 miles, we took Helen and Jessie’s hive up near the other National hive which was very active in the by then warm weather.


We also found that there was another box sitting on the ground with bees in it.

IMG_0015So this lot decided not to wait for the tower block and opted for a small bungalow. Thew will be moved at some point into the new hive. And despite what I thought the bees are not all traitors. Some are on the kale that has gone to seed. Being a brassica the honey from this will be very similar to that from Oil Seed Rape, however it can be guaranteed pesticide free!