Letter to The Times

Yesterday, I bought a copy of The Times to read while waiting an hour for a bus. (no space for my bike on the previous one as maximum of two bikes in luggage space.) Normally I would have bought a Guardian but these had run out.

I discovered¬† that I find Melanie Phillips just as irritating in print as she I do on, “The Moral Maze.” So much so that I was compelled to write about her ignorance on the subjects of climate science and liberation theology.

I have no idea whether it will make it to print or not and likely will not see it unless someone I know does and sends it to me! For those who wish to see it without buying a copy of The Times, here it is.

Melanie Phillips (Times May 4th) displays appalling ignorance of both the science behind global warming and of Liberation Theology. Yes, global (atmospheric surface) temperatures have flatlined but this is accounted for by the absorption of heat by the oceans now that the role of the deep ocean water is better understood. As this water warms more, surface atmospheric temperatures will start rising again and at a faster rate. This information has been widely available for some time and a cursory glance at recent research would have revealed this. Indeed I would be surprised if this has not been reported in, “The Times”
Her understanding of Liberation Theology is no better. Social justice is far from a simple soaking up of money from the rich to keep the poor trapped in dependency. Rather than deifying the poor it seeks to empower them as a way of escaping this state.
Yet, I hope Melanie Phillips is ignorant of both these fields because the alternative is that this ignorance is feigned in order to make a cheap political point.