Why I choose organic oils and essential oils for my Cambridge Massage and Aromatherapy practice.

I choose to use organic oils and essential oils in my practice. Partly this is because I want to be sure or as sure as I can be that there is no pesticide residue in the essential oils which could potentially be concentrated by the distillation process of producing the essential oils. I suspect someone has done research on this but I have never looked it up. This is because I have a other reasons for sticking to organic one being the damage to ecosystems done by pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in, “modern” agriculture. Another is that these chemicals are produced from oil which despite recent discoveries is I believe best left in the ground.

Also yield/unit area is greatest on small organic farms which keep more people in work. Yield/hour of work may be much higher on large mechanised operations but this is at a very high cost to the environment and has led to many people losing any connection to the food they consume.

Go to many primary schools and ask where milk or eggs come from and as likely as not the answer will be, “The supermarket.”

I also produce some infused oils using herbs from the allotment. These are not certified organic but I know that it is at least 15 years since chemicals were used on our plots, probably more as they were abandoned for a number of years before we took them over.

While it is my clients’ choice as to whether they carry the organic philosophy out of the treatment room into the rest of their lives, I often discuss this with them and explain the benefits as I see them, both for their own health and that of the planet.