Back to work!

So, this week I am trying to get back into a normal pattern of work. While I did not play a major part in the Green Party campaign for the General and local elections for Cambridge, I did do some work for them and was up all night at the count, returning early morning to let our chickens out and feed them and then going back for the count for the local elections.

So the weekend has been about getting over jet lag! Also about collecting or trying to collect my first swarm of bees of the season. As of this morning, those I put in the hive yesterday are still there and most of the others are now walking up a ramp into the hive. They had swarmed onto the ground rather than a tree branch where they would be easier to knock down into a box.

Only some of them climbed up into the box I put on top of them. Yesterday evening I put the box on top of them again but this time with some beeswax stuck into it. This morning a lot more had climbed into the box and I have shaken these out onto the ramp. The box is now over the remaining 200-300 bees. I now need to wait and see if there is a queen in among them. If not I will need to put some comb with either a queen cell in it or some comb with eggs/larvae less than three days old which the bees can then turn into a queen.

fortunately where the bees swarmed to initially was on the next plot to ours on the allotment and after the first attempt to get them to move into a box they moved onto our own plot. Despite some fears initially there have been virtually no problems with keeping bees on the allotments.

This will then be another source of wax for producing my handcream made with organic olive oil, beeswax and essential oils of Frankincense, Sea Buckthorn and geranium. Other essential oils can be used to order or I can do a consultation and produce one for your specific conditions/aims.

I will also be doing more massages. Two 1.5 hour sessions booked in for Tuesday afternoon so far.