Tomorrow I shall be melting beeswax in olive oil.

I discovered the other day that I have more left than I thought, so I will be making some handcream with the above ingredients and adding organic essential oils. The olive oil is also organic but sadly the beeswax is not, though it is from bees that have not had any chemicals introduced into the hives to control the varroa mite or other disease.

In order to call my beeswax organic I would have to, a. have a six mile radius around my hives be certified organic land. (Impossible in UK at present. And I doubt it would be possible to manage a mile in Cambridgeshire!) And b. get the product certified by the Soil Association or one of the other certifying bodies. Even if I fulfilled the first requirement, I don’t make enough for it to be worth going for the second.

Yes I could buy in beeswax that was certified organic but brining beeswax in from another country involved a very small but not zero risk of bringing disease in with it. For that reason I will not import beeswax or other bee products into the country.

I will be making some using the standard mix of Frankincense, Geranium and Sea Buckthorn but may also make some using other oils. (a customer I sold one of my standard mix ones to enquired about whether I could make one using Bergamot essential oil.)

Another customer who bought some in January told me she uses it on her feet which are prone to getting fungal infections and the standard mix works better than anything else she has tried. – Nearly all essential oils have some anti-fungal effect but if I was making a mix specifically for this I would probably use Tea Tree and Myrrh.

Another one I have done for feet is one with a large proportion of peppermint, which the person who requested it finds really refreshing when used on the feet. It also happens to be in the foot cream that Neal’s Yard make.

If you are interested in the standard mix, £6 for 50ml, £7 for 60ml. Contact me on

A non standard mix costs just one pound more or for £12 I can do a half hour consultation which will be added to the£7 or £8 pounds /pot for the first order only and I can then do one specifically for your needs.