It(s)warm weather

In between doing the odd massage, I keep bees or they keep me (busy!) That has certainly been true this week. when the sudden increase in temperature has told the bees that it is time to swarm. IMG_0001

This was just one of the three swarms I collected over Thursday and Friday. If one thinks of the colony as a superoganism, then swarming is how it reproduces. I have now filled all my hives and also a friend’s on the allotment so the last one meant several thousand bees without a home to go to. #Cambridgeproblems! The last swarm will go to Cambridge Cropshare who still have two hives in need of bees.

I look forward to seeing these and the other bees who have moved home to there soon. For completeness here is the swarm that is being picked up today.IMG_0002To collect these bees, I placed a sheet on the ground and then shook the fence endeavouring to get as many as possible on to the side where I had placed the box. A stick under one corner of the box enabled the bees to find a way in. Well some of them at least! Many promptly flew back up to where they had come from. I repeated this a few times and also used a stick to sharply rap the piece of bramble some of them were on. I suspect the bramble held the queen because after this the bees all moved in to the cardboard box. At about Ten O clock yesterday evening, I shook them all into a swarm box which I then closed up awaiting the bees collection.

These bees will go into the hive lovingly built by Jessie and Helen.IMG_0014

Now up to 6 swarm collected and homed in four days! With luck the rate of swarming will now slow down.