Massage for a special occasion

From time to time I get clients who have been bought the massage for a birthday present. This is just one special occasion that a massage is good for. Of course some of the birthday ones have been dual purpose. Last year two of them were for students at Cambridge University and given as presents by parents of others who thought the student in question needed to destress at exam time!

I have also had people being given them as a present for Valentine’s day.

Still other things that justify a massage are big sporting events such as running a marathon. There the decision is to have it before, afterwards or both!

Whatever the reason for having a massage, having one with organic essential oils chosen especially for you is the ideal way to relax or address specific health problems. (If with my experience both as a nurse and as an aromatherapy and massage practitioner I think you need professional medical help I will say this.)

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An alternative birthday present again using organic essential oils is the handcream I make using organic olive oil and essential oils alongside beeswax from my own bees kept on our allotment in Trumpington.

Whatever the reason, a massage using organic essential oils is an ideal way to relax be that before or after a big event or just because it is something that appeals to you at the time.