To Bee or…… Make Comfrey Ointment?

Sometimes, I find my attention is taken away from writing here and is taken to action. I suspect the main swarming season is over but there may still be the odd one, especially with the temperature due to reach 21C next weekend.

You can read here about the fun we had just over a week ago. We looked at some of the other hives on the farm on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I am looking to make some Comfrey ointment. This will use the same recipe as I use for making my handcream with the exception that I will chop the comfrey up into the olive oil, heat it for about 4 hours and then melt in the beeswax. Comfrey Ointment has been shown to be more effective than Diclofenac gel in treating ankle spreains. Diclofenac Gel is the main ingredient in Volterol and other anti inflammatory drugs. It is a member of the Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory group of drugs. NSAIDs. These are recognised to have dangers when taken orally due to their effect on production of white blood cells. While these problems do not occur with topical applications I would always choose a natural product over a synthetic one all other things being equal and when the natural product has been demonstrated by a double blind trial to be better there is no contest!