Time to rest and nurture.

In the world I see around me, many do not take time out to rest or nurture themselves.While I see some clients for specific physical problems, many are doing just that, taking time out to nurture themselves and relax. This is an important part of life and one that I need to pay attention to just as much as my clients.

I will take a break from being busy on the allotment, keeping this site up to date, giving massage, washing towels or filling in tax forms by having a massage myself or sometimes by just sitting in the apiary watching the bees coming and going.

I am sometimes asked which oils are best for relaxation? Like many questions in aromatherapy and massage there isn’t a one size fits all solution.  I often recommend Frankincense combined with one of the citrus oils. But if a client has unpleasant memories associated with the catholic church, that might not be appropriate for them. I personally really like vetiver for when I need to rest and be grounded but this is not for everyone. Some clients just don’t like it.

If there are few therapeutic indications as to which oil I should use based on the consultation, I will often let the client smell a few that my instinct suggests and see which ones they like on the principle that most of us will be drawn to the oils that our body needs. (This principle may not have much scientific research behind it but if you watch cows in a herb rich meadow, you will see those in calf eating differently from the others.)

When it comes to eating I think many of us have lost the ability to pick out what our body needs as a result of today’s fast food culture.