Massage, Aromatherapy and the Beauty Industry.

Yesterday, at the clinic where I work I found addressed to myself a copy of, “Guild News” a magazine dedicated to as far as I can make out selling products to the, “Beauty” industry.

These products ranged from expensive laser hair removal and liposuction machines to make up and fake tanning products with articles about the last suggesting those selling them capitalise on the fear of skin cancer to market them.

This while mainly having products aimed at women was not exclusively so.

I was led to think about different concepts of beauty and how they relate if at all to the work I do. I was also struck by the fact that none of the products I saw advertised (I didn’t look at every one in enough detail to be sure) were organic.

Perhaps I have a very un-English/Western way of looking at these things. When I see a, “perfect” face it looks artificial and unattractive to me. I have spent the best part of twenty five years spending significant amounts of my leisure time around those training in circus skills and even if make up is sometimes used for performance, it is not normally there during practice times.

I have come to see healthy bodies as attractive whether or not the owner of said body has armpit hair or not but also whether or not they have the odd mark on their face or not.

I see my work as a complementary health practitioner as having very little if anything to do with the beauty industry. The only links being that the oils I use can help with skin conditions, particularly dry skin and that someone who is less stressed and more relaxed looks more attractive be they male or female.

Perhaps the name of the company advertising on the front cover says it all. “International Institute for Anti-Aging!”

It is time that they were introduced to my motto for life, “Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional!”

Now to try and get myself removed from this mailing list……………..