Links to the past!

Up until I took early retirement just over three years ago, I was working as a psychiatric nurse. I recently discovered that one of the psychologists I used to work with is also working at the Salus clinic. I have also seen clients who have worked in supportive housing who have taken clients from the in-patient adolescent unit where I worked and while helping a friend work with her bees discovered that the woman whose garden the bees are kept in also works somewhere we used to have professional links with.

On top of that, one of my clients yesterday is the sister in law of a senior member of staff I used to work with.

Finding links and cultivating them is important for practitioners like myself as word of mouth is an important way of getting new clients, especially for someone like myself for whom being a self publicist does not come naturally!

Bee keeping, massage, aromatherapy and my past as a psychiatric nurse all link together in so many ways. It is perhaps not surprising that in a relatively small city like Cambridge I keep finding these connections. The next step is to be a bit more active in cultivating them!