How often should I come for massage?

Like most simple questions this does not have a simple answer. I have many clients who if they had the spare cash would come at least once a week. I have a number of others who would come that regularly if they had the spare time!

Sadly for me, there are very few who feel they have both! I would suggest that once a mnth or once a fortnight wouild make a real diferene to many of those I see. Especially those with long term shoulder back or neck problems but also for those who come for management of stress. Clearly with the last it is important to address the causes of stress in our lives but one way of doing this is to take time out of stressful situations and to make time for ourselves.

So often it is this taking time out to do something nice for ourselves that can make a difference to how we are feeling about something.

So if you want to find out how massage and aromatherapy can make a difference for you or for someone you care about, contact me on