Trap for the Self Employed


100% cut for self employed with no children, up to 70% for a single parent and 58% for a couple with children

Hidden in plain sight – scales11trick or mistake?

the mechanism to cut 100% from some self employed claimants Universal Credit claimant’s basic awards is already in the Welfare Reform Act.  An 87% reduction to the Universal Credit Work Allowance for claimants with no dependant children combined with a limit on entitlement if they earn too little, cuts their basic award by 100%. For self employed parents, the basic award could be cut by up to 70%.

Cut for earning too little - cut for earning too much

The Universal Credit (UC) Work Allowance is set so low and mandatory earning requirements so high, that self employed Universal Credit claimants (currently eligible for Working Tax Credit) will get nothing if they have no dependant children.

Under Universal Credit, all…

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