Aromatherapy for body and mind, Cambridge

With almost every client I see, I am reminded of how closely linked our bodies and minds are. How much our state of mind influences our bodies functions, be that digestion or how much pain we feel.

Of course the reverse is true just as much. Most of those experiencing chronic pain also experience depression associated with it at some point. At the same time those with depression are much more likely to experience pain from minor ailments in a way that interferes with thei day to day life.

Sometimes there are more steps in the chain of cause and effect to consider. If I am bored when working at the computer, I am more likely to ignore my  posture and end up with aching shoulders or back. The same is true when I am giving a massage.

This is why I see it as important to be mindful in my practice whether that is writing a blog post or working on the muscles in a client’s back. In the latter case it is almost certain that the client will experience a better massage if I am mindful of what I am doing.

This is why, even when a client comes to me with a specific problem, e.g. a pulled muscle in a shoulder, my preference is still to give a full body massage. I also try to choose oils based not just on any phsical complaints but also based on what is happening psychologically for them. Even if the links between the two are not obvious! (Most of the time it doesn’t take too much exploring to find the links though inevitably some will put them down to coincidence.)

Last week when a client came, wanting just back neck and shoulders massaged, I did this but finished of with a head massage as I usually do with a full body massage and it was this that the client really appreciated afterwards.

I also find from time to time clients will talk about the psychological side of their problems only after the massage has started and less often only after two or three sessions.

During the consultation process, there is at times a dichotomy between probing too much which might frighten a client away from talking about the psychological and not showing sufficient interest which might also put them off.

If you are interested in aromatherapy massage for body and or mind issues email for an appointment.